Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, not sure what to say, I have met some amazing persons while i tried to get through the academy... and some, could learn a few lessons in people skills and such, i struggled alot with my intense rl schedule and unpredictable hours of my new rl job to keep up, i put hard work into my assignments my last and latest was my photo class assignment (sighs) ...heres the link if you care to take a look at it... .... nothing that really matters i dont think to some...neway I have taken from my experience some lessons learned, some interesting views on who is making the $$ in sl and who 'isn't'...LOL.. SL is supposed to be fun, when it no longer is fun and you find yourself crying because someone who has the sensitivity of a rock upset you then you must decide is it truly worth it? I wanted soo badly to graduate the academy, now i will never ...shrugs... oh well i will relax more now focus on things that make me happy and hope some maybe most of you will keep in contact, if not i understand.. thank you all for your time and words of encouragement, Debbie especially you , you are a wonderful person thank you sooo very much! I am sorry if i let anyone down.... Fawn

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

well here are some images from just 2 of the many styling events held by the wonderful CWS staff...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"UCWS and the Blog Creating Class"

well once we got past the teensy marker buoy of new interface vs ..who knows what ... it was all smooth sailing... into the home stretch of getting this lil folly off to a good start... Laylah took my clowing in stride and we stayed on course till the end.